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UNIK Capital specializes in the sourcing for real estate assets in Europe and develops custom investment solutions.

An organization that relies on their Management Company partners to offer most innovative real estate investment solutions

Unik Capital Solutions’ core business consists in promoting real estate investment solutions, to provide all professional and institutional investors with thoroughly selected real estate assets, such as Core/ Core + or offering a high potential for value creation. In particular, they propose innovative real estate investment solutions, oriented towards medium-term capital development and targeting growing markets.
  • Asset selection
  • Innovation
  • Asset management
  • Wealth management

«Third-party marketer » expert in promoting professional real estate investment solutions

Unik Capital Solutions constantly builds on their team’s experience, expertise and drive for innovation, to bring to market those real estate investment solutions best suited to the requirements of professional and institutional investors, via:

  • Implementing capital raising strategies and building strong partnerships with professional and institutional investors
  • Organizing professional events and conferences in Europe
  • Setting up and implementing the marketing strategy while designing all commercial and marketing supporting documentation

A unique panel of expertise focused on promoting professional real estate investment solutions

Unik Capital Solutions is a “Third-party marketer”. The team gathers recognized experts in both professional real estate investment and real estate engineering.

Every day, we are building on our inner experience, passion, ethical values and appetite for innovation, in order to bring to market the most carefully selected real estate investment solutions. Marketing these solutions, dedicated to professional and institutional investors, and initiated by our management company partners, is Unik Capital Solutions’ core business model.

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